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Beintehaa 31st July 2014 Written Update

Beintehaa 31st July 2014 Written Update 

Shaziya scolds Aaliya for complaining against Surayya and Zain and asks what will Usman feel if he knows about it. Aaliya says Surayya she did not file a complaint. Shaziya drags her out and pushes her on the floor and asks her to get out from there. She goes to Zain’s cell then and is shocked to see his bruised and blood stained face. She starts crying vigorously and turns her face down. Zain asks if she is so angry on her that she does not want to see his face. She asks him to believe that she did not file complaint. Zain says how to believe her, police tortured them for 7 hours thinking that they both kidnapped her. He says he does not believe anyone except his mother now. He says she wounded his soul and it won’t heal and punishment was because he did not listen to his mom. He says he had a mask of her love and now he does not have it now. Aaliya pleads again that she did not file complaint, but he does not listen to her. Shabana and Ghulam reach there. Zain asks them to take their daughter from there.

Rehan reaches Barkath villa, sees lights off and calls servants, but nobody comes out. He falls down on the ground and sees Usman unconscious on the ground. He tries to wake Usman, but he does not. Servant comes there and says he went to switch lights on. They both pick Usman and drop him on the bed.

Aaliya reaches police station and informs inspector that she did not file any complaint and it is a fake one. Inspector says her signatures are on the complaint letter. She says this is her signature but she does not know who took it.

Shabana asks Nafisa how did the papers reach police station when she threw them. Nafisa says she does not know and leaves from there. Shaziya taunts her that she herself filed complaint and is now acting.

Aaliya says her parents took her signatures thinking Surayya is torturing her, but Surayya is a very good lady. She requests inspector to release Surayya and Zain. Inspector agrees.

Spain doctor treats comatised Usman and says Rehan that his medicines are not working and overdose may get Usman into cardiac arrest. He asks him to get him unani medicine and call unani doctor. Rehan says unani doctor is his father. Spain doctor asks him to call him soon then.

Rizwan says Nafisa that someone from the house has done it and we should find him out. Shaziya says if Bhopalis are telling they did not, they someone else has done it and we should find the culprit soon. Nafisa says she should not spoil her mouth with foul language and says god will punish the culprit, says she saw Shabana and Ghulam talking about the papers. Shaziya asks what does she mean. She does not reply anything and takes Rizwan from there. Shaziya senses something is wrong.

Rehan gets Fahad’s call, but he cuts it. Dr. Habeeb asks him to tell Fahad about the situation is here. He SMSes Fahad that Usman is fine. Fahad reads his SMS and informs it to Zain. Zain says why did he sent SMS instead of calling and senses something is wrong there. Surayya gets a bad dream about Usman. Both Zain and Surayya shout to let them free. Usman opens his treatment and then goes back into coma after reminiscing Surayya being arrested. Dr. Habeeb gets worried and informs Rehan to call Usman’s family soon as he is nearing his death.

Aaliya asks inspector to finish the formalities soon and release Zain and Surayya. They both are released then.

Zain attends Usman’s funeral and his dad is dead because of Aaliya and says he will divorce her.
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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Beintehaa 30th July 2014 Written Update

Beintehaa 30th July 2014 Written Update 

Reporters throng police station and start questioning Nafisa if her facial scar is because of Surayya’s toture like she tortured Aaliya. Shaziya asks Nafisa not to open her mouth. Reporters asks where is Aaliya.

Aaliya tries to call Zain, but his phone is switched off. She calls home number then. Usman hears phone bell and reciprocates by shaking his hands and blinking his eyes.

Badhi phupi calls Ghulam and says Surayya deserved that punishment. Ghulam asks what does she mean. Phupi says you did right by filing a domestic violence case against Surayya.

Reporter calls Aaliya asks if she can get her interview and some evince against Surayya. Aaliya surprisingly asks what does she mean. Reporter says she is talking about domestic violence case filed by her against Surayya and Zain. Aaliya gets panicked hearing that and falls on the ground. Rizwan comes and holds her. Aaliya she did not file any case and has to go and sort out, but she falls unconscious. Shabana reminisces Ghulam throwing police complaint papers and thinks someone picked it and file a false complaint.

Fahad comes to police station and sadly sees Zain behind bars. Zain asks about Surayya. Fahad says he does not know why Aaliya filed a case. Rehan comes there and informs he cannot get bail as it is domestic violence case. He asks Fahad to be with Surayya while he will be with Zain. He says Zain that he does not believe Aaliya has filed a complaint and it must be someone. He called Aaliya, but she is found no where.

Usman reminisces Surayya and Zain being arrested and Aaliya is alleged for filing a complaint. He starts crying and shaking his hand and throat and calls Zain. Zain hears Usman’s voice and asks Rehan who is there with Usman. He says no one. Zain asks him to go and be with Usman. Usman leaves.

Aaliya wakes up, sees Rehan’s missed calls and calls him. Rehan asks how can she file a complaint against Surayya and Zain, they are behind bars because of that. Aaliya says he did not file a complaint. Rehan says he saw her signatures on the papers. Aaliya says her parents she did not, but sees their heads down in shame and reminisces signing a paper on their request. She says Rehan she will call him later and cuts the call.

She asks Ghulam and Shababna why did they take her signatures without her knowledge and file the complaint. Ghulam says he saw Surayya slapping her and tell about other incidents. She asks who told you that. Shabana says they did not file that complaint, wanted to but Usman stopped them and they threw papers in dustbin. Ghulam asks if she is sure she is safe. Aaliya says yes and says Zain loves her a lot. She does not know how to face Zain now and leaves from there.

Nafisa sees Surayya sleeping on floor and being served jail food and smirks. Shaziya says she is Surayya Abdulla and will not eat this food. Inspector says she is a criminal and has to eat that, else sleep hungry. Aaliya comes and asks inspector how can she give that food to Surayya. Surayya wakes up hearing her voice. Aaliya is shocked to see her behind bars.

Rehan reaches Barkat Villa and finds Usman on floor.
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Beintehaa 29th July 2014 Written Update

Beintehaa 29th July 2014 Written Update 

Police come with warrant for Suraya…. Says Aliya has complained

Zain is in tears cos the warrant has Aliya’s signature on it … Rehaan the lawyer says … It’s for kitchen fire incidence , Suriya’s attempt to murder and Zain had pushed her … That’s why she was taken ill.

Everyone is looking for Aliya … Rehaan says she might be with Ayat and Rezwan cos she knows about their marriage …. Baru Bahu ( don’t know her name ) feigns her happiness and says to police she will help find Aliya … Meanwhile we learn she has hidden the phone so Aliya cannot be contacted … Police says … The whole family might have harmed and. Goom ( hidden) her … Bari baru is happy that she is getting the best present for EID

Suriya cries to osman Sahab … Look what your bhanji did to us .

Police arrest both Zain and Suraya … Zain is extremely hurt … The whole media world has landed on them … They follow them to court house … Fahad pleads yo police that it must be a misunderstanding … They will call minister verma Sahab ,.. He is a family friend and surely wil help…

Police warns Fahad … Rehaan asks them to not hurt Fahad cos there are laws against police harassment too… Suraya us dragged into a cellar .

Everyone is shocked to learn that ZAIN it’s behind the marriage of Ayat and Rizwaa. …. Ayat says … I don’t want to hear your lecture … You were going to sacrifice me for gawhar … You didint care about my love for Rezwan. Aliya is crest fallen

Zain is being tortured by police … Hot tea is thrown on him, his head bashd against the table and then the floor … Police says within 15 minutes you have to tell us where us aliya …. Zain hears his mom screaming in another room , she is being tortured too… All his memories of good times with Aliya flashes by while he lies on the floor

precap … 
Aliya picks up phone … A reporter asks about the case against MIL and husband … She is stunned by this information …
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Monday, 28 July 2014

Beintehaa 28th July 2014 Written Update

Beintehaa 28th July 2014 Written Update 

Zain starts Jash-E-Eid with his performance on Yoon shabnami…. song with Aaliya. They then perform on Dekho chand aaya… song. It looks like it is their dream. They both stand on the terrace, sight a moon, and greet chand mubarak to each other in their minds. They both reminsce last night’s incident. Aaliya thinks on eid, Allah/God will set the things right.

Zain performs eid namaz/prayers in Eidgah/religious place and greets everyone.

Reporters question Surayya about the excitement this eid season. She says Usman is receprocating to his treatment, so it is special this time. Ghulam and Shabana see her and greet her eid mubarak, but she does not reply and instead goes from there getting annoyed. Aaliya bring Usman to the party venue. Shabana and Ghulam see Aaliya with Usman and greet her and Usman eid mubarak.

Uttran’s daadi comes and greets them eid mubarak. She says she celebrated holi well and what has she planned for eid. She says maami has given her work and she will look after it. Ghulam greets naani in. Nafisa says Ghulam and Shabana Aaliya is telling lie, Surayya did not give her any work. She thinks she will destroy Surayya soon.

Paro from Rang Rasiya meets Aaliya and greets her eid murabarak. Aaliya asks about Rudra. Paro says he is outside and asks her to forget her tiff with Zain and compromise with him. Rehan and Rudra meet Zain and ask him to try to console Aaliya as anger will spoil the relationship. Aaliya and Zain both accept their advice and hug each other happily. .

Rest comming soon.
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Friday, 25 July 2014

Beintehaa 25th July 2014 Written Update

Beintehaa 25th July 2014 Written Update 

Spain doctor checks Usman. Surayya asks if there will be any prob with unani medicine. Doc says he already warned them to either use unani medicine or allopathic. He says already negative reaction has started, and if both medicines are continued, Usman may get cardiac arrest, etc. Surayya says she will make sure nobody comes near Usman from now. Zain sees Usman holding his hand and happily shows it to doc, Surayya and others. They all get emotional. Doc says his medicines are working, though they are expensive, they work. He boasts of himself that it is a common for him, though for them it is a miracle. He says tomorrow is eid and for you people it is a double celebration. Surayya says we should celebrate eid lavishly this time.

Aaliya asks Zain’s permission to meet his parents at their hotel room. Zain permits. She thanks him. Once she goes, he calls someone and goes out to meet. He meets Rizwan and Aayath and they both hug him. He scolds them for eloping without informing him and says he would have planned well, now Aaliya is angry on him. Aayath says we did not want you and Aaliya to fight. He says we are not fighting and asks them to marry. Rizwan and Aayath’s marriage/nikah happens in front of Zain and his friend.

Zain hugs them after nikah and says if they had gone without marrying, phupa/phups’s reputation would have been tarnished, so he took this decision of letting them marry. He then wishes them all the best and happy married life.

Ghulam and Shabana reminisce Surayya slapping and scoling Aaliya and telling she does not have to learn from him how to behave with her bahus, etc. They also reminisce badi phupi’s words that Surayya wants Aaliya out of Zain’s life and a lady crying in a hospital after her daughter is killed by her in-laws. Ghulam says he knew Aaliya would not leave that house. Shabana says it is not her mistake, we thought her that. He says she is telling right, but Aaliya does not know her life is at risk at that house. She says we have ot protect her at this moment and gives him some papers. Ghulam shockingly reads those papers. Aaliya comes there and hugs Shabana and Ghulam. Aaliya says she knows they are worried about her, but she is happy and well protected there.

Ghulam reminisces Zain scolding him. He asks Aaliya to sign papers. She asks what are these. Shabana says it is her old account closure form. Aaliya says it is good to close that account and signs the papers without reading it.

Fahad asks Zain if he got any news about Aayath and Rizwan. He says no news, hope they understand they are into deep trouble. Fahad asks him to take care of Aaliya. Zain says you know what Aaliya and even phupa/phupi took her side. Fahad says we all scolded her and Surayya slapped her, any parent would not like seeing their daughter tortured.

Zain writes a note to Aaliya that he is feeling guilty when he heard about Surayya slapping her. He was scared when Ghulam was taking her with him. He does not want them separated. He sticks that note on the mirror. Aaliya sees that and thinks tomorrow is eid and dunno what is in store for us.

Precap: Akshay kumar dances with the Aaliya and other on eid. Aaliya serves sweet dish to Surayya, Rudra’s mother from rangrasiya serial stops Surayya from tasting sweet dish and says it is poisoned. Aaliya tastes it and falls unconscious. Surayya is busy dancing when she hears police siren and gets tensed..
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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Beintehaa 24th July 2014 Written Update

Beintehaa 24th July 2014 Written Update 

Ghulam and Shabana reach Barkath Villa and Shabana asks Nafisa if she got any news about Rizwan/Aayath. She says no, even she is worried about them. She says she is especially worried about Aaliya as she does not know what Surayya will do this time. Ghulam asks if anything happened now. She says no, but Surayya still does not like Aaliya. Ghulam says we will go with Nafisa and talk to Surayya. Nafisa says if Surayya knows that she is helping them, she will kick her out with her 2 daughters. Ghulam says says she is right, we should not drag Nafisa in this. Fahad and Shaziya come there and Fahad asks Shabana and Ghulam not to worry as Rizwan/Aayath will be found soon. Shaziya starts her bitter tounge lashes and asks why didn’t they file a police complaint, if they are afraid of their dignity. Nafisa says at least Aayath eloped with her boyfriend, she is not illegally pregnant like Gauhar. Fahad asks them both to stop badmouthing and to behave well with phupa/phupi.

Surayya sees Aaliya feeding unani medicine to Usman and shouts at her angrily. Everyone hear her shouts and run toward the room. Surayya throws unani medicine and asks why did she give medicines even afte she denied permission and says dunno what has happeend to Usman. Aaliya says nothing will happen. Surayya start scolding her and slaps her. Ghulam is shocked to see that and asks her to stop. Nafisa smirks seeing that. AAliya asks Ghulam not to say anything. Ghulam looks at her slapped cheek and asks Surayya how can she slap her daughter. Shaziya says what mummy would have done then when Aaliya did not obey her and insulted her. Ghulam asks her not to interfere and says Surayya that his daughter is not a burden on him. Surayya asks to speak clearly. Ghulam says he is seeing that his daughter is tortured everyday and today she slapped in front of everyone when he did not speak loudly till now. Surayya says if he had spoken, then she should not have had to dirty her hand and says it is her house and she does not want anyone to teach her how to behave with her daughter-in-laws. Shabana says there is a need to teach you as no one would like their daughter being tortured in front of them. Surayya asks if she wants to take her daughter from here.

Zain comes there. Surayya says he came at the right time and asks him to listen what his in-laws are telling. Shabana says Surayya slapped Aaliya. Surayya shows unani medicine and says even after we both denied permission, Aaliya fed unani medicine to Usman. She says dunno since howmany days Usman is being troubled. Shabana says Zain he knows well how much Aaliya loves Usman, she gave him medicine for his benefit. Zain asks what benefit, when there is already treatment going on, then there is no need for another medicine. Aalliya says Dr. Habeeb is a very good doctor. Zain says maybe he is a good doctor, why did she did not listen to him. Shabana asks Aaliya not to explain Zain anything as he is not a position now. Surayya says this house will run like before and will not change. Ghulam says he cannot see his daughter suffering and will take her to Bhopal forever. Nafisa thinks this story is going as she wanted and smirks. Ghulam holds Aaliya’s hand and drags her from there. Zain tries to go, but Surayya stops him and says if he accepts defeat today, he will have to accept defeat for whole life.

Zain says he married her and runs towards Aaliya while Surayya runs behind him. Aaliya reminisces Zain telling her I love you and the other happy moments with him. She then remembers Usman’s words that she has to be an obedient wife and bahu. She stops and says she does not want to go as this is her house and she is her mother-in-law, she should have obeyed Zain and Surayya, it is her mistake. She apologizes Zain and Surayya. Ghulam emotionally hugs her and says Shabana and others that this is called daughter.

Rizwan and Aayath’s marriage completes in front of Zain.
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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Beintehaa 23rd July 2014 Written Update

Beintehaa 23rd July 2014 Written Update 

Surayya sees Rizwan drinking water in kitchen and says Zain is sad about your and Aayath’s engagement breakup, he is very dissappointed. Rizwan says he knows that. Surayya says she will not let Zain down this time as Zain is right and Aaliya is wrong this time, it it is his and Aayath’s duty also to help Zain. She asks him not to let him defeat and be in this sorrow state. He promises he will not and leaves. She smirks.

Aaliya feeds ayurvedic medicine to Usman and says everyone is angry on her and nobody wants to talk to her and says she knows he believes her and knows she will not thinking of harming anyone, even Zain left her side. Once she goes, Usman reciprocates and shakes his hand hearing Azaan.

Ghulam is tensed remembering Zain scolding Aaliya in an inebriated state, saying it was his big mistake to marry her and then falling down on floor.

Someone knocks the door. Ghulam opens it and is shocked to see Rizwan standing outisde. He greets him salaam. Aayath gets happy seeing him and tries to go towards him. Shabana stops him. Ghulam says till the issue is sorted out, he cannot meet Aayath. Ghulam says he and Aayath love each other, Gauhar does not need anything from him, she did not even contact him all these days, it is Aaliya who brought Aaliya, even Aaliya can make a mistake being a human. Shabana asks him to go from there. Rizwan and Aayath plead to listen to them, but Ghulam sends Rizwan out and closes the door.

Aaliya sadly reminisces Zain calling her selfish. Kise poochooon…. song plays in the background. She reminisces Zain telling their relationship will be finished if she meets Gauhar and then Zain getting inebriated in Ramzan and fighting with her. Zain gets up in the morning with a hangover and sees her standing near the window. He reminisces Aaliya picking her in an inebriated state and he shouting on her. He holds her hand tightly and makes her sit on bed. She says he is hurting her and to leave her. He Band-Aids her wound and says not as much as he is hurt.

Rizwan calls Aayath and asks if she spoke to her parents. She says they are not ready to listen to her and says Aaliya’s words are a stone line for them.

He asks what he has tought now. She says whatever he thinks, she is with him and they have to take a decision now. Rizwan reminisces Surayya’s words.

Aaliya gets Shabana’s call who informs that Aayath is missing and Ghulam has gone to search her. Nafisa on the other side asks Fahad if he saw Rizwan. Aaliya says Shabana told even Aayath is missing. Nafisa gets Rizwan’s SMS that he and Aayath are eloping and getting married as Aaliya will not let them marry.

Shaziya hears that, starts her drama and shouts what will happen to her sister Gauhar. Aaliya says nothing will happen to her. She tries to call Aayath, but remembers Shabana telling Aayath left her phone at hotel. Surayya says Aaliya that you made Rizwan and Aayth to stoop to that level and dunno how they are now.

Aayath says Rizwan that they should not have taken such a big step. Rizwan says her sister forced us to take this decision. Aayath says she is angry on Aaliya, but she does not want her relationship with Zain broken. Rizwan says that is the reaosn he loves her a lot and says he will call Zain and request him not to fight with Aaliya. Zain gets Rizwan’s call which Aaliya picks, but phone gets disconnected. Aaliya asks Zain if he helped Rizwan and Aayath elope.

Zain says he does not know and says he will find out, but Rizwan’s phone is switched off. He says maybe Rizwan’s phone is out of power. She alleges him again that he is helping them. He says he is not and to think whatever she wants.

Shaziya asks Fahad to find out Rizwan and force him to marry Gauhar. Fahad says Gauhar’s condition is because of you and your father. She has to understand that Rizwan does not love Gauhar, then how can he ask him to marry her. Nafisa comes and asks what is he doing with Shaziya instead of searching Rizwan and says we have to find him and get them married.

Aaliya feeds ayurvedic medicine to Usman. Surayya watches that and reminisces Aaliya bringing unani doc and getting medicine home.

Shabana says Surayya that she is taking Aaliya Bhopal forever..
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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Beintehaa 22nd July 2014 Written Update

Beintehaa 22nd July 2014 Written Update 

The episode starts with Aaliya calling up Gauhar asking if she is lying, G assures her that its Rizwan’s kid and that Zain called her up and threatened her. She tells that she is having lots of pain.

Zain with Rizzy, Nafeesa n Fahad tells Rizwan not to worry.

Aaliya comes to Zain and asks why he threatened Gauhar. She charges him with allegations and tells that she is going to meet Gauhar and take care of her. Zain comes and tells her that if she goes to meet her then she will have no further connection with Barkat Villa.
Aaliya questions hs intentions, Zain tells her that she is believing someone who is outside family, she tells him that Gauhar doesnt have any support and hence she is supporting her. Fahad, Nafeesa, Rizwan and Shazia look on.

Shazia informs everything to Suraiyya about what all happened with Zain-Aaliya. Shazia says that she is feeling unhappy that she is unable to be with Gauhar. Suraiyya is happy.

Suraiyya comes and instigates Zain and shows how Aaliya is wrong and to believe in his mother.

In the hospital, Shabana is worried why Aaliya is behaving like this, Ghulam is happy that she is helping a needy.they see a mother crying for daughter who got killed by in laws and both Shabana-Ghulam are shocked.Aaliya comes there, Shabana tells her that its not good to revolt against her own family. Gauhar on the stretcher, thanks Aaliya that she came to see herand Aaliya assures her that Rizzy will defo marry her.

Zain recalls his interactions with Aaliya just before leaving him to meet Gauhar.
Shabana asks if everything is fine at her house, Aaliya tells her that with time things will become normal.Shabana-Ghulam drop Aaliya at BV.

Zain comes out, he is drunk, tells that he can also do the tamasha, she cant take him for granted anymore.

Ghulam recollects hospital incident and asks the driver to go back to BV to see if all is well with Aaliya.

Zain says that he will not support her ever, she doesnt care for him, he has done blunders by going against his mother, she is no longer mallika-e-zain and not even mamu ki bhanji. he doesnt want any support from her, Aaliya keeps on crying. He furthers says that his mom was right that he should not have married her and he falls down. Shabana-Ghulam are shocked to see n hear this.

Aaliya takes him inside the house.

Suraiya brainwashes Rizzy, Aaliya n Shabana come to know that Ayat-Rizzy are nowhere t be found. Suru is happy that her plan is working.
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Monday, 21 July 2014

Beintehaa 21st July 2014 Written Update

Beintehaa 21st July 2014 Written Update 

Ghulam and Shabana hear Gauhar’s plea and come out to the engagement venue with her. Ghulam says that after speaking to Gauhar, me and Shabana have taken a decision. Aaliya says his abbu she will accept his decision. Ghulam says Gauhar has not hidden anything from me. Nafisa says it is Gauhar and Shaziya’s conspiracy. Shabana says this kid is taking oath on her kid and cannot lie. Ghulam says we have to stop this engagement now and Shabana says it is best at this time to stop it. Shabana drags Aayath from the stage.

Shabana tries to console Aayath who is packing her bags, but she says she does not want to hear her and says she feels she has only 1 girl Aaliyah and from childhood you people preferred Aaliya’s decision and even sent to Aaliya’s preferred school and college, now Aalilya broke my engagement. Ghulam says when you saw pregnant Gauhar, didn’t you realize Aaliya did right. Aayath says she is always wrong. Ghulam says Aaliya is always right.

Zain drags Aaliya to their room and asks why did she broke 2 lover’s engagement. Aaliya says it was her sister Aayath’s engagement. Why did you announce Gauhar and Rizwan’s marriage without anybody’s consent and says Aayath is your sister and Rizwan is like my brother. Aaliya says he is dragging the issue. Zain says it is good I saw a selfish Aaliya and thanks her.

Surayya says Shaziya that Zain saw Aaliya’s new face now. Shaziya asks what about Gauhar. She says Gauhar will marry Rizwan, though you and Chakkiwala threw Gauhar out. Shaziya says did not want Gauhar and Rizwan’s marriage. Surayya says Aaliya is very egoistic, she will go against Zain and let Rizwan marry Gauhar. With that, Zain will throw Aaliya out. She is waiting for that day. Shaziya gets happy hearing that.

Zain says Aaliya that Rizwan and Aayath’s marriage will not break and even Rizwana and Gauhar’s marriage will not happen. Aaliya says it will ruin 4 people’s lives. Zain says it is Rizwan and Aaliya, only 2 lives. Aaliya asks what about Gauhar and her child. Zain asks her to remember her words that if Zubair is innocent, she will not be able to forgive herself and now he wantgs to asks if she will forgive herself if she will know that Gauhar is lying, never.

Shaziya says Surayya that she is 100% sure that Rizwan is Gauhar’s child’s father. Surayya says fantastic, then asks Gauhar to continue crying in front of Aaliya, she will let Gauhar marry Rizwan. Shaziya says she will ask chakkiwala to bring Gauhar back home. Surayya says do not worry about her, just do what I say.

Nafisa says Fahad that this is history repeating, Shaziya ruined my life by becoming pregnant and now Gauhar is ruining my brother’s life, both sisters do it for money by trapping richies. She has kept their name right as cheapster, they both are big cheapsters.

Aayath cries looking at her engagement dress and says in childhood her friends used to tell that her parents love Aaliya more than her, she did not believe them then, but now she is seeing from her eyes, Aaliya ruined my life today. Ghulam says she did not want to ruin your life. Aayath says she is believing Gauhar who always lies. She asks her parents why did not they question Aaliya. She says it is not Rizwan’s fault, Gauhar went to his when Rizwan was inebriated, he will not marry her. Ghulam says becoming blind in love is a big mistake.

Aayath says why they believe Aaliya’s words as a stone carved lines. Shabana says she is our daughter. Aayath says then who am I. Aaliiya comes there and asks Aayath to open the door and speak to her. Aayath says she does not want to speak until she changes her decision.

Rizwan sees Aaliya coming to the room and acts as sleeping. She says she knows he is not sleeping as she saw him closing eyes, if he does not want to speak, it is okay, she will not force, one day he will now she is not selfish and doing right thing. Zain remembers his promise to her that they both will make their relationship stronger and will not let any situation ruin their relationship. He SMSes her that they both promised in Bhopal dargah that nothing will ruin their relationship, but today she broke her promise. Aaliya SMSes that even he broke his promise. Zain SMSes that she is believing a fraud girl. Aaliya says she is worried about her child as it is Rizwan’s. Zain says she believes always that she is right and rest of world is wrong.

Zain in an inebriated state scolds Aaliya for meeting Gauhar without his permission. She tries to hold him, but he asks her not to touch him and falls on the floor unconscious. 
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